Summer Rules

1. All teams must be affiliated with the A.E.N.A. and only play players registered with that team. New team members must be registered on their third appearance.
If you are a club and have more than one team within the league a player may play UP twice before being deemed a member of the higher division team.
NO player may play down or for any other team within the league.

2. Nails must be cut, not taped, metal hair clips and all jewellery with the exception of wedding rings, which may be taped, must be removed

3. Each match will consist of four quarters with a two minute break between each quarter PLEASE make sure the toss is made in order that matches can start on time.

4. The game will be stopped but NO time will be added for injuries or teams arriving late except in exceptional circumstances.

5. If a team wishes to cancel a match they must inform the fixtures secretary Dick Weeks, the opposing team, and umpires. Failure to do this will result in three points being deducted.
You are also required to reimburse your opponents court fees.

6. The league is committed to paying for the facilities so if a team withdraws and fails to find a replacement team they become responsible for both their own and their opponents court fees for the rest of the season.

7. The first half seasons fees of £ 75.00 for divisions 1, 2, 3, & 4 are due at the start of the season either by cash or cheques made payable to PMJ Netball League. Division 5 first half fees are £ 55.00 again due at the start of the season. Second half fees for all divisions are due at the end of May.

8. We welcome and encourage supporters to come and watch but verbal abuse to umpire or players will not be tolerated and anyone deemed to be doing so will be asked to leave the courtside.
We would ask team captains to remind players and their teams supporters that the school has a NO SMOKING policy and children must be kept under control and not allowed to wander around the school.

9. PLAYERS NAMES & SCORES MUST BE PRINTED CLEARLY on the scorecard and handed in to either Dick or Rita. Matches will be scored three points for a win and two points for a draw and 1 for achieving half of the winning score. Umpires will be responsible for picking the players of the match.

10. Teams and umpires should obtain and familiarize themselves with a copy of the 2011 EDITION OFFICIAL RULE BOOK.
(Please respect that interpretations of rules will differ.)
To avoid conflict and confusion the league will only adopt rules published in this edition.

11. Umpires and captains are reminded that they must not knowingly allow players on court under the influence of alcohol and that the league will not tolerate the use of bad language.

12. Umpires are requested to remain in the centre area during breaks and only one coach is allowed courtside.
We are proud of our friendly local league status and would ask players and umpires to continue having mutual respect for one another in order for us to maintain this.

Enjoy the season and GOOD LUCK to all teams.